About half the time on the road is spent packing and unpacking.
But it's always worth it!
The band was interviewed by Ronald and Ram showed off his amazing Dutch speaking skills.
We got to play 5 songs live on RTV Rijnmond.
Everybody was happy with the performance, especially Jose.
Up next was a TV gig, which involves a lot of waiting for camera setups and soundchecking.
We played with a lot of other Amsterdam artists to support the AT5 TV station (because AT5 rocks!).
The last gig was at 3FM. Vaal & DJ Miranda spent most of their time watching the Nyan Cat video on Youtube.
We had to write a new song within an hour which was quite the challenge.
The new song turned out great and we're recording it in the studio soon!
  • yellowood54

    I saw a part of the show on AT5 television,  the singer of the band, i think his name is Alexander, reminds me a bit of David Byron(1985*), the legendary singer of Uriah Heep. His performance it could be his reïncarnation, the way he stands on the stage. It was going back in time for me. 

  • Thomnas Aquinus

    Nyan Cat FTW !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/acvanrijn Alexander Van Rijn

    Thanks! His name is Valentine though :)